After moving into a decrepit house, struggling songwriter Tom (Michael Hampton) finds an unlikely roommate in the form of a live human hand sprouting from his basement floor. As the mysterious growth continues to evolve, so does its relationship with Tom, who's also busy falling in love with his neighbor's girlfriend, Veronica (Devon Iott). Dark comedy, horror and musical numbers intermingle with spine-tingling glee in this warped indie film.

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  • CAST

    Devon Iott

    Devon Iott is a young and very tallented Actress of cinema's world. Acting is her passion and we can watch her passion in her acting.

  • MChase Hemphill

    Chase Hemphill is an well known and very famous actor as well as writer> if we talk about his famous work so "Grey Sheep (2013"), and "Growing Out (2009") are two best films by him

  • Ryan Sterling

    Ryan Sterling is a very passionate film actor and model. He start his career in early ages and now he is well known for his acting and hard work